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A.P. Consultants, Inc. is dedicated to providing refunds in 3 areas: Accounts Payable Reviews, Freight Audits, and Small Package Refund Recovery. These services will  increase your profitability and check your internal controls through an unbiased source. We take pride in the integrity and personal touch given to each customer account. We provide you with personal one-on-one consulting. Our services are expedient and do not disrupt the daily activities of your personnel. Let our 25+  years in the industry work for you. Contact us today for further details. 

"From research to collections, we handle it all" 

Benefits of using our services:


  • EXPERIENCE – Over 25 years of auditing numerous industries. 
  • THOROUGHNESS – Over 40 possible types of errors to detect.  
  • NO EXPENSE – Paid only on collections; no salary, employee benefits, etc. 
  • POST AUDIT ANALYSIS – Statistical reporting illustrating any unusual problems. 
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – Enables you to pinpoint ways to improve your controls. 

Make A.P. Consultants, Inc. your first choice for your audit needs. All aspects of the review are accomplished by us with the help of our  state-of-the-art information systems. Let us increase the efficiency and profitability of your business. Call today. 

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